World-Building Series: Race Creation

As my writing year progresses, I am finding that I am utilizing tools in my process that I have not mentioned in my Story Workbook series or anywhere else on my blog, but I use them so often that I have taken the time to template them for ease-of-use.  I have also begun referring to these tools in my prompt collections, and since I had so much trouble finding premade ones on the internet when I first started using them, I have decided to make the ones I created available for you to download and use as often as you wish.

This is an eight-part series.  Every Monday for the next eight weeks, I will share one worksheet and go over a few examples that I use them for.  I will be presenting them to you in the order in which my brain creates a story: Lands, Creatures, Races, Deities, Characters, Buildings, Vehicles, and Special Items.  This is, under no circumstances, the way you have to create a world or a story–this is just how much brain puts the “world pieces” together.  This series will conclude on April 3rd.

This week, I am sharing my Race Creation Worksheet.  For most genres, you won’t have to worry too much about creating races because well, humans will be pretty much it, but for science fiction and fantasy, which are my preferred genres to work in, including other races kind of goes without being said.  What would Lord of the Rings be without the elves of Rivendell, the hobbits of the Shire, and so on?  I use this worksheet to set up the culture and lifestyle of any sentient being in my current work.  If it can form a society with trade, laws, social norms, etc, it needs a Race Creation Sheet.

Use these worksheets any way you wish to create your world.  Feel free to share them–just link back to my page when you do!



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  1. Didi Oviatt - Author
    Mar 03, 2017 @ 23:48:42

    This is an excellent idea!

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